Headsets On

Have you been on the fence wondering if it would be worthwhile to venture into the world of virtual reality (VR) in your organization? If so, the time is now.

VR has been around for decades, but now is a unique and poignant time for this evolving technology. The convergence of more affordable software and higher-powered hardware technology combined with the power and money behind the entertainment industry has provided an incredible springboard to bring VR to the mainstream.

While VR games are emerging first in this medium, in the long run it will be the experiences that are developed based on real-world life situations that will be even more beneficial as the technology moves forward. From working in defense and medical to architectural and beyond, VR will soon be driving a new level of understanding and productivity. And these won’t just be individual experiences, as the technology advances VR will include community and multi-user experiences with participants located around the world.

As we see how individuals react and interact with these new virtual worlds, we can allow people to participate in experiences they would never have been able to experience without VR. As one example, there are many different occupations that are connected with undersea submarines but very few of the people in those jobs will never get the opportunity to board a vessel, take a ride and experience the operation. With VR anyone will be able to be immersed and participate in that experience on a level never before imagined.

The information technology departments of companies around the world are tasked with empowering their teams with the latest technologies – most recently employees have been equipped with smart phones and tablets to be used as tools to enhance their job performance. Just as these technologies have emerged as basic necessities we can’t imagine making it through the day without, VR devices will become just as necessary in the very near future.

More importantly and the most exciting thing about VR technologies is that we have yet to begin to understand all the benefits they will be able to provide as we journey through the progression of this virtual medium. So put on your headset of choice and get ready to create experiences that will make the difference for your organization.