About Us


Mass Virtual, Inc. (MVI) is a visionary services and software company that has infused the disruptive power of commercial game technology into the defense simulation and training industry to redefine the way we develop and experience 3D virtual learning.  

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most immersive, effective and affordable virtual learning applications that are second to none.

awardMVI’s award-winning team of developers has extensive experience, not only in the training and simulation market space, but also the entertainment game industry. MVI has been honored to be recognized by the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge community as a developer of award-winning games.

MVI is a market leader offering full product development beginning with the front-end analysis and design and continuing through production and sustainment. MVI’s experience in supporting training solutions for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Special Operations provides a solid foundation for rapidly developing and deploying training content in nearly any environment.

2016_ribbon_logos_print_yellow_smallLocated in the Central Florida Research Park, a leading simulation and training hub in North America, Mass Virtual has been recognized by Military Training International (MTI) as an outstanding industry leader within the military training and simulation community and awarded the Yellow Up-and-Coming Ribbon for MTI’s 2016 Top Simulation and Training Companies.

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