MotionMotion Reality, Inc. revealed its new virtual reality training system at the annual Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida 30 November – 4 December.

Dr. Tom McLaughlin, CEO and Founder of Motion Reality, says Dauntless™ takes one “from being a passive observer of what is on a screen to becoming an active participant fully immersed inside any 3D virtual tactical environment where they can run, shoot, and move freely just as in a real conflict.”

Motion Reality partnered with Mass Virtual (formerly RealTime Immersive), and licensed their high-fidelity game development platform, CryEngine® (now Virtual Attain®), and incorporated it into Dauntless™. Using the platform’s code base, Dauntless™ provides a significant number of features that have never before been available in a fully immersive untethered virtual reality tactical training system. World-class graphics now permit Dauntless™ trainees to train in incredibly realistic virtual scenarios, where selectable time-of-day, dynamic shadows and physics-based interactions bring unprecedented training accuracy. Military, security and law enforcement professionals can now even train in geo-specific recreations of sensitive buildings that are difficult or impossible to train in practically.

In an empty room the size of a basketball court the largest size Dauntless™ system can accommodate up to 12 combatants simultaneously, using a variety of weapons with realistic weight and recoil. The system provides the ability to traverse stairs in virtual buildings while still walking on level ground in real life. Multiple teams can fight up and down different stairwells of the same building, clearing different floors, while in real life they are all on the same training floor. Additionally, when an artificial or live combatant shoots you and hits your body in Dauntless™, instantly you get feedback via a powerful muscle stimulation in the area of the body in which you are hit.

Military and law enforcement professionals feel that the powerful Dauntless™ 3D After Action Review   is an invaluable training benefit. Immediately after any training session, trainees and trainers alike can view all their tactics from every 3D angle and perspective, where all actions, correct or incorrect, can be identified and evaluated. All underlying 3D body motion performance data are also available, as is every shot taken and its 3D trajectory vector.

According to FoxNews TechTake, “Everyone can benefit from using this system. It saves money and saves time and is such an important tool to train.”

Motion Reality, Inc. is well versed in immersive virtual reality training. Motion Reality’s proven VIRTSIM™ simulators have been used for years by US and foreign Military, Special Forces, and police/SWAT teams. The UK’s Steven Hawking honored this revolutionary training system by featuring it in his Brave New World TV series, broadcast internationally last year. Not resting on its laurels, Motion Reality’s interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, artists, and programmers have been secretly working for the last three years to bring the next generation of their VIRTSIM™ systems to life.

With feedback and experience gained from tens of thousands of training sessions, nearly every software and hardware element, including wide FOV HMDs, has been optimized.  Motion Reality is pleased to now proudly introduce the next breakthrough in truly immersive virtual reality training – Dauntless™.

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