Virtual Attain


Industry demands a cost saving, turn-key enterprise solution that is agile, adaptive, accessible to all and operationally relevant. Mass Virtual has been developing some of the most progressive technology solutions that exceed the industry standard of excellence. One of our keys to success when developing these human performance technology applications is using our development platform, Virtual Attain®.

Virtual Attain®, Mass Virtual’s enterprise-level, flexible and scalable COTS common development platform, is approaching nearly $300M of ongoing investment and is focused on supporting the next-generation of Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training solutions. At the forefront of Virtual Reality, this key technology has been a major participant in contributing to the future of enterprise VR capabilities and implementations. This, combined with numerous sophisticated industry-specific features built over nearly a decade provide the fastest development and integration to enable innovation in meeting customer requirements, keeping costs down and maximizing interoperability. Aimed at being a force multiplier for small to large development teams, Virtual Attain® empowers any developer to create state-of-the-art training applications covering the full spectrum of Sea, Air, Land and Undersea operations.

Virtual Attain® has been used worldwide for a wide range of customers for:

  • Dismounted VR simulation
  • Joint virtual mission rehearsal and targeting
  • Virtual ship training
  • Underwater submersible simulators
  • Nuclear power plant simulators
  • Nuclear deterrent and security training
  • Investigation/debriefing simulators
  • Virtual marksmanship trainers
  • Virtual prototyping and marketing
  • Research and development
  • Live, virtual and constructive training
  • Emergency First Responder training
  • Biofidelic digital human avatars
  • Law enforcement training

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