At Mass Virtual we can help you save money and increase performance by providing a medium for you and your customers to visualize and experience new environments or products without having to actually build something out in the real world. Through virtual experiences groups can collaborate, train and practice in a virtual world what would be cost prohibitive and cumbersome in the real world. These experiences can help provide insights into what will and won’t work before you invest valuable human and financial resources into real-world solutions.

Virtual solutions offer a powerful return on investment because they include key elements that contribute to enhanced human performance — key elements like promoting collaboration, increasing communications, fostering leadership, improving decision-making, supporting skills practice and measuring user performance. The list of benefits continues to grow exponentially.

Mass Virtual’s award winning team has a proven track record of bringing these different elements into customer solutions and we offer various approaches to fit different development budgets.

  • VR Development
  • Visualizations
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Marketing
  • Serious Games
  • Cave Environment Development
  • IMI Courseware Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Interactive Training Manuals
  • Content Production
  • Research & Development

At Mass Virtual we pride ourselves on collaborating and teaming to create best value, innovative solutions. Please contact us at to discuss how Mass Virtual can best meet your organization’s needs.