Mass Virtual standing to receive contract with group

Mass Virtual Receives Contract at Inaugural Pitch Day hosted at Robins AFB

Mass Virtual received a contract at the Inaugural Pitch Day hosted by the Robins Spark Cell and Air Force Sustainment Center Contracting located at Robins Air Force Base Sept. 20, 2019. Approximately fifteen companies were invited to send in proposals for an initial prototype effort to rapidly procure commercially available Virtual Reality technology which would be modified to allow aircraft maintenance training through the use of training scenarios and modules. The companies had 15 minutes to tell a panel of subject matter experts why their solution is best to fill the government’s needs. A contract was then given to the company with the best “Sales Pitch”.

“Successful implementation of this VR training system will directly enhance the mission effectiveness of the approximately five-hundred, 116th and 461st Air Control Wing personnel – utilizing the Joint Surveillance Targeting Attack System,” Robins Air Force Base says in a release.

Under the contract, Mass Virtual’s Virtual Hangar application will be used to develop and deliver Virtual Reality training on the E-8C aircraft.

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