Mass Virtual and AETC’s Integrated Technology Platform Office Demonstrate Virtual Hangar™ Capabilities at Sheppard AFB, TX

Mass Virtual was thrilled to demonstrate Virtual Hangar™ capabilities alongside the AETC Integrated Technology Platform (ITP) at Sheppard AFB, TX.

Sheppard AFB plays a major training role for the Air Force providing munitions, aircraft, and missile maintenance instruction to support specialty training including initial skills courses in 17 different AF Specialty Codes, advanced, and supplemental courses.

The team conducted demonstrations and briefs for over 200 attendees on the “art of the possible” and how Virtual Hangar™ enterprise technology, to include the latest in Learning Management System features, can dramatically improve future warfighter training!

Thank you to Team Sheppard for your hospitality and outstanding support. We look forward to our collaboration and your expanded participation in ITP to meet your vital training requirements.