Mass Virtual is thrilled to have collaborated with the 461 ACW to develop this training module in support of their vision for more effective XR training. Thank you to Lt Col. Jay Vizcarra and his team for innovating the way forward!

What happens when you pair an Airman’s idea for gamification and the latest Multi-Aircrew Virtual Reality (VR) training module? You deliver the first VR, Multi-aircrew ‘Turkey Shoot’ competition!

The 461 ACW recently conducted its Liberaider ‘Turkey Shoot,’ a capstone event culminating 4 months of training in which crews have prepared for operations in a target theater. It is designed to improve readiness and boost esprit de corps.

The Liberaider event included a new VR segment! Multiple aircrew from Operational Flying Squadrons went head-to-head to remedy a Fire and Smoke, scenario onboard the E-8C JSTARS aircraft. While being graded on their ability to effectively utilize Crew Resource Management (emergency checklist procedures, passing oxygen bottles, etc.), they competed for the best time to extinguish a very realistic fire; something impossible to replicate during real-world missions.

A first of its kind for VR training in the AF, with multiple aircrew personnel competing in realistic emergency scenarios on the aircraft, the Wing looks to expand this multi-person concept to include both aircrew & maintenance personnel during flightline operations in subsequent VR training modules.

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