In the realm of production and training, there’s a longstanding belief encapsulated by the “Good-Fast-Cheap” triangle, which posits that you can only pick two: If something is fast and inexpensive, it won’t be good; if it’s good and inexpensive, it won’t be fast; and if it’s good and fast, it will be expensive. However, as we stand at a critical inflection point in spatial learning, this concept is becoming increasingly obsolete with the introduction of Extended Reality (XR) technology. 

The Challenge:  

Traditionally, compromises are expected in project management and training environments. For instance, designing a faster jet requires a more powerful engine, leading to higher fuel consumption. Similarly, a solution needed within a week could be delivered quickly, but at a 30% cost increase and only a 3% performance improvement. On the other hand, budget constraints often lead to reliance on outdated technology, such as an old piston engine “just needing a little TLC.” These examples illustrate the sacrifices typically made to meet two of the three objectives: good, fast, or cheap. 

The XR Advantage:  

XR technology defies these traditional compromises by offering solutions that are simultaneously high-quality, rapidly deployable, and cost-effective. Here’s how XR is revolutionizing learning: 

  • Better Training Outcomes: 
  • High Engagement and Retention: XR’s immersive environments significantly enhance learning retention—Participants remember 90% of what they do, compared to only 10% of what they read. 
  • Metrics of Success: Programs report a 72% reduction in retraining needs and a 90% positive approval from a 1200-person survey. 
  • Customized Pacing: XR allows learners to progress at their own pace or engage in instructor-led sessions, adapting to varied learning styles. 
  • Faster Deployment: 
  • Rapid Development: The time from project initiation to solution delivery is measured in weeks or months, providing a quick answer to training challenges 
  • Rapid Scaling: XR solutions can be easily scaled to accommodate growth, supporting large numbers of users without significant additional costs. 
  • Vast Distribution: Spatial learning with XR enables training solutions to be distributed across the globe, making for faster deployment across the entire team 
  • Return on Investment: 
  • Reduced Training Support: XR lessons enable training without the need for additional aids. Programs report 50% reduction in aircraft needed for maintenance training, keeping planes in the air generating revenue. 
  • Fuel Savings: Accomplishing training in XR eliminates the consumables. Programs report millions of dollars in annual fuel savings for aircraft engine procedures by learning those procedures in the virtual environment. 


Teaching in Tune with Today’s Learners 

XR aligns perfectly with the preferences of digital natives, who are comfortable navigating immersive digital environments. With nearly all Millennials now using the internet, and a significant majority owning smartphones, this generation expects technology to be an integral part of their learning experience, making XR an ideal fit. Additionally, as the largest generation currently in the workforce, Gen Z‘s deep connection with digital technology further underscores the suitability of XR for today’s educational strategies. 

Data-Driven Instructional Excellence 

XR technologies facilitate the collection and analysis of detailed data on user performance. This capability allows instructors to identify common pitfalls (like a recurrent mistake in a procedure), adjust the training content in real-time, and tailor the learning experience to maximize efficacy. 

The arrival of XR in training and education challenges the outdated “Good-Fast-Cheap” triangle, proving that achieving all three is possible. As XR technology continues to evolve, it promises to further transform learning landscapes by making them more engaging, effective, and accessible. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts in this series, where we’ll delve deeper into the specific advantages of XR. We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with XR in your educational or training programs. For a demo or more information, contact us today

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