In an era defined by the rapid evolution of technology, the need for innovative solutions to augment human performance has reached unprecedented levels. In this dynamic landscape, we designed MassXR to reshape how companies approach learning and skill development.

Dale's Cone of Learning: A Foundation for Effective Learning

Dale's Cone of Learning is a powerful framework that outlines various methods of information retention. It suggests that individuals retain more information when they actively participate in learning experiences compared to passive methods such as reading. MassXR aligns seamlessly with this educational model. Unlike traditional learning methods, MassXR engages users through immersive experiences, ensuring higher retention rates, and meaningful learning outcomes. 

Learning by Doing

MassXR facilitates hands-on learning experiences, allowing users to actively participate in simulated environments. Whether it's training for complex tasks or honing specific skills, the interactive nature of XR ensures that knowledge is not just passively received but actively applied.

Realism and Immediacy

The XR experiences are designed to closely mirror real-world scenarios. This infusion of realism becomes a cornerstone for effective learning, as the immediacy of feedback within the XR environment cultivates swift decision-making and sharper problem-solving skills. This synchronization with Dale's principles emphasizes the importance of learning through active participation, providing an immersive educational experience that extends beyond traditional methods.

Retention through Experience

According to Dale's Cone of Learning, individuals retain a remarkable 90% of what they do compared to a mere 10% of what they read. MassXR strategically capitalizes on this cognitive principle by creating memorable experiences that significantly enhance knowledge retention. This not only future-proofs your workforce but also transforms the learning journey into a lasting impact on individuals' professional and educational growth.

Consistent Results

The hallmark of Mass Virtual's approach is its consistent delivery of results. Whether it's improving workforce skills, streamlining training programs, cutting training costs by 45%, or enhancing educational experiences by improving long-term retention rates by 80%, MassXR proves its worth by achieving tangible, measurable outcomes. The speed at which these results are achieved further sets Mass Virtual apart, making us a reliable partner in the journey to future-proof human performance.

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