Mass Virtual is excited to announce the addition of Billy Webb as the Senior Director of Business Development to our growing team.

With over 30 years of distinguished military service and extensive industry leadership, Webb brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a special operations aviation professional, he has led at the highest levels of the defense department and provided oversight of several multi-national programs. He has extensive experience developing and implementing training, from the youngest recruit to the most advanced specialized operators, providing special insight into the development of our nation’s most treasured assets.

Webb’s most recent role as the Field Marketing Representative for Boeing with a focus on Army, Special Operations, and NASA Programs adds another dimension to an already powerful Mass Virtual team, enabling us to take the next step toward delivering transformative XR training to the masses.

Mass Virtual is committed to leading the extended reality learning transformation, continuously pushing the boundaries in this rapidly growing field. With Webb’s demonstrated leadership and strategic vision, he is the perfect fit for Mass Virtual’s movement to enhance human performance in the XR landscape.

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