In partnership with AETC’s Integrated Technology Platform (ITP) Office and Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) the Mass Virtual Team began XR development of the MC-130J aircraft at Hurlburt Field, FL. We are excited to welcome the MC-130J Commando-II into the Virtual Hangar™ Platform.

The MC-130J’s mission is to fly clandestine, or low visibility, single or multiship, low-level infiltration, exfiltration, resupply of special operations forces, in addition to air refueling of helicopter and tiltrotor aircraft. Mass Virtual is creating XR training solutions that will allow Airmen to stay qualified and proficient on MC-130J maintenance and operational tasks.

Mass Virtual, with members of the 901st Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and 492nd Special Operations Training Group Det 2, worked diligently to scan and create several essential training modules that will deliver next-generation XR training.

Special thanks to the 1st Special Operations Wing, 492nd Special Operations Wing, 1st Special Operations Maintenance Group, and the Airmen of Team Hurlburt for their support in making this trip a great success!

We are thrilled to continue innovating and supporting the Air Force vision of implementing XR training and our partnership with the Air Commando professionals of Air Force Special Operations Command.

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