Mass Virtual, Inc. is excited to open a new era in aircrew training as we begin building a C-5 Fuselage Trainer (FuT) in XR for Air Mobility Command! This is a great addition to the Air Force’s enterprise Virtual Hangar platform.

Huge thanks to the 60th Air Mobility Wing for hosting our team and to the following units in their support of our build kickoff: 60th Operations Group, 22nd Airlift Squadron, 60th Maintenance Group, 60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 60th Aerial Port Squadron, 60th Mission Support Group, 60th Logistics Readiness Squadron, & 60th Security Forces. We are also excited to work with the C-5 Training System courseware contractor and Air Mobility Command’s A3T Aircrew Training team to make this monumental leap to XR…a leap proven to improve student performance and boost operational readiness!

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