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As a Fort Rucker Instructor Pilot, the level of detail and ease of use that this VR system brings is beyond any technology I have ever seen in 30 years of aviation service. The extreme level of immersive training that can be placed in such a small footprint is ideal for large and small group instruction. The ability to create individual VR training instances for each student while maintaining an instructor student environment significantly magnifies the experience and allows for more “hands on” time. Expensive, cumbersome training aids that are limited in number and location can be easily replicated in VR and exported to any location and in any number. A truly amazing display of using the right tool for the job.

Retired Army Aviator - Current Fort Rucker Instructor Pilot

The Virtual Hangar™ has assisted our instructor team tremendously. Our instructors train students with live aircraft that have daily real-world missions to carry out. There are several occasions where one instructor needs the aircraft, and the others can’t use it while that session is active. With the Virtual Hangar™ students can access 16 VR headsets with 16 simulated aircraft and learn step-by-step instruction all at the same time. Our combined lost training hours are down 70%, class training hours are reduced by 55%, all with a user approval rating of 90% across 800 surveys!

Chris - United States Air Force

From the fidelity of the virtual reality programs to the ease of use, the Virtual Hanger has been top notch. We have had a couple of years to track return on investment and have saved upwards of seven million dollars annually and cut aircraft usage for training by 45%. Although virtual reality has been in an interesting development cycle, the Virtual Hanger has been making great strides since the beginning!

Tyler - United States Air Force

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