Retired Air Force Colonel Mike Peeler joins the Mass Virtual team, bringing his extensive operational insight, unparalleled training experience, and strategic vision to aid the growth of Mass Virtual and its team of products.

Peeler retired from the Air Force in August 2023 after more than 25 years of service. During his celebrated career Peeler accumulated more than 3,500 flight hours in multiple aircraft types, including 320 combat hours in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He served in numerous positions from the squadron level up to the Pentagon, including multiple command tours.

Peeler previously led the Air Force’s only C-17 schoolhouse, where he was responsible for twelve formal courses and 1,400 students annually. He has extensive experience developing and implementing training, from initial skills qualification through highly technical advanced courses, in an uncompromising flying environment. As an Operations Group Commander Peeler leveraged innovative immersive technologies to solve a multi-year training backlog, ultimately making his aircrews more efficient and effective in the face of significant resource challenges.

Most recently, Peeler was the Professor and Department Chair of the University of Central Florida’s Department of Aerospace Studies, where he leveraged local industry and university partnerships to develop the most talented future leaders for the United States Air and Space Forces. Under Peeler’s leadership, the University of Central Florida’s officer training program was awarded the Department of Defense’s top honor: the 2022 Partnership Excellence Award.

Taken together, these experiences, coupled with his demonstrated leadership and strategic vision, make Peeler the perfect fit for Mass Virtual’s movement to enhance human performance in the XR landscape.

Mass Virtual is committed to leading the charge in the virtual reality training industry and is constantly pushing the boundaries in this rapidly growing field. Welcoming Mike to our team guarantees that we stay at the forefront as the cutting-edge training solution provider for all.

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