Training is soaring to new heights with the power of extended reality (XR). At Mass Virtual, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this revolution with our innovative Virtual Hangar™ platform. 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how Virtual Hangar™ is making a real difference in military training, focusing on its impact on team performance. 

Training on Autopilot: Efficiency Takes Off 

Virtual Hangaris a proven, deployed set of immersive training solutions that has been providing spatial learning for a wide range of aircraft, elevating the performance of its users. What truly sets it apart is its ability to simultaneously be more effective and more efficient – driving enormous return on investment. Imagine a virtual classroom where each student has their own VR headset, receiving personalized, step-by-step instruction, practicing as if they were working on a real airplane, but no real aircraft is needed. This innovative approach has led to a staggering 72% reduction in lost training hours and 45% faster course completion. Talk about streamlined training! 

User satisfaction is through the roof, with a 90% positive approval rating across a massive 1200-user survey. This tells us that trainees are not only learning effectively, but they’re also engaged and excited about the virtual experience. 

A Force to Be Reckoned With: The U.S. Air Force Takes Center Stage 

The U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) is a prime example of how Virtual Hangar™ is transforming military training. By integrating our platform into their training ecosystem, AFSOC has leveraged the power of extended reality (XR) technologies to create comprehensive training known as the XR Training Program. Virtual Hangar™ plays a pivotal role in this program, facilitating both initial qualification and recurring training and supporting critical maintenance and Mission Sustainment Teams through immersive XR environments. 

Taking the Leap: A Strategic Partnership Takes Flight 

Our commitment to innovation is further encouraged by the savings this brings to our clients. The Air Force Operational Energy Office noted a 50% reduction in aircraft needed for maintenance training as well as a $13.4M savings in fuel costs in 2022 due to the adoption of XR training. The arrival of Virtual Hangar’s™ training solutions to the Pennsylvania Air National Guard is estimated to save hundreds of thousands annually, equating to more duty-ready Airmen. Growing proven solutions demonstrates the immense value placed on Virtual Hangar™. The continued partnership has already delivered instruction for 31 unique aircraft and 9 ground vehicles at 83 worldwide locations, creating a scalable and effective solution for global training needs. This not only highlights the platform’s broad applicability but also underscores the Air Force’s dedication to embracing XR for the future of military training. 

The Future of Training: Soaring New Heights with XR 

The positive impact of Virtual Hangar™ isn’t just on paper. Operations and maintenance instructors from every community consistently praise Virtual Hangar’s™ training delivery, citing the incredible learning experience and suite of instructor tools.  

Virtual Hangar™ is a shining example of how XR technologies are revolutionizing military training. By enhancing operational readiness, reducing costs, and improving efficiency, Virtual Hangar™ is leading the way in military preparedness. 

The multitude of success stories reflects a larger trend: technology is augmenting human performance and shaping the future. As we move forward, the continued integration of XR promises to further revolutionize training methodologies, ensuring that all personnel are better equipped, more proficient, and prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead. 

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