Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) leaders established a new training framework to enhance proficiency in their organization’s training technology. This new framework, which leverages extended reality (XR) capabilities, will give personnel the necessary “reps and sets” at the time and place of their choosing in order to improve warfighter readiness.

Foundational to AFSOC’s new training paradigm is Mass Virtual’s Virtual HangarTM, which will provide initial qualification training for all aircrew and mission support personnel, including maintenance and mission sustainment teams. 

The first phase of AFSOC’s “crawl, walk, run” approach uses virtual reality to train AC-130J, MC-130J, CV-22 and munitions maintenance crews. Virtual Hangar offers comprehensive instructor tools and custom-built learning modules, to include a powerful Learning Management System (LMS).

The Air Force’s goal is to provide a training paradigm that is as close to the deployed environment as possible. This new XR training framework is a huge leap in that direction, ensuring AFSOC commandos are better prepared and equipped for strategic competition.
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