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Mass Virtual has earned a reputation for designing, developing and fielding delineating Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Desktop Virtual products, and content development tools, which provide positive outcomes for our customers. Mass Virtual’s mission is to push the boundary using leading-edge technologies to create revolutionary virtual experiences that set our customers apart often ahead of time and under budget.

  • Space system assembly
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Nuclear power plant operations
  • Undersea vehicle operations
  • Medical procedures
  • Multi-user, collaborative training
  • Marketing demonstrators
  • Much more!

We are unique

Proven Delineators

Proven Development Team

Our team has combined decades of commercial and defense industry experience developing complex and sophisticated virtual solutions for our customers. We apply adaptive and iterative development practices to every project we handle resulting in higher quality solutions delivered to you in a shorter time frame.

Innovative Design

Mass Virtual has received multiple awards for designing the most original, innovative solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. The latest virtual experiences add a new level of immersion leading to higher engagement, retention and maximized learning.

Sound Instructional Development

We apply the latest instructional science to create virtual experiences that result in the most efficient and effective transfer of knowledge. Attention to even the smallest details provides stunningly realistic experiences that are second to none.

Serious Games Showcase and Challenege      Top Simulation and Training Companies

Why Virtual?

Virtual solutions have been around for decades, but now is a unique and poignant time for this evolving technology. The convergence of more affordable software and higher-powered hardware technologies, combined with the power and money behind the entertainment industry has provided an incredible springboard to bring affordable and dynamic virtual solutions to the mainstream. Virtual technologies provide many proven advantages that can directly impact your bottom line, including:

  • Increased Knowledge & Retention
  • Improved Safety
  • Enriched Collaboration
  • Highly Deployable
  • Amplified Productivity

Our development team specializes in custom solutions using a range of development engines for the latest platforms and haptic devices. View our technology partners, see a list of some of our customers , or contact us today to learn more about how we can provide the right solution for you.

Enterprise XR Training For The Masses


MassXR™ is a cost saving XR enterprise software platform that delivers high retention and immersive collaborative learning experiences accessible to all.

  • Seamlessly develop, deliver, and sustain XR content
  • Built with COTS tools and open industry XR standards
  • Integrates legacy third party developed applications
  • Robust real-time Learning Management System feature
  • Single or multi-user configurable across multiple locations
  • Hardware and runtime agnostic

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