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Virtual Attain

Industry demands a cost saving, turn-key enterprise solution that is agile, adaptive, accessible to all and operationally relevant. Mass Virtual has been developing some of the most progressive technology solutions that exceed the industry standard of excellence. One of our keys to success when developing these human performance technology applications is using our development platform, Virtual Attain.


Virtual Attain, Mass Virtual’s enterprise-level, flexible and scalable COTS common development platform, has more than $300M of ongoing investment and is focused on supporting the next-generation of Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training solutions. At the forefront of Virtual Reality, this key technology has been a major participant in contributing to the future of enterprise VR capabilities and implementations. This, combined with numerous sophisticated industry-specific features built over nearly a decade provide the fastest development and integration to enable innovation in meeting customer requirements, keeping costs down and maximizing interoperability. Aimed at being a force multiplier for small to large development teams, Virtual Attain empowers any developer to create state-of-the-art virtual experiences.

Virtual Attain has been used worldwide for a wide range of customers for:

  • Dismounted VR simulation
  • Joint virtual mission rehearsal and targeting
  • Virtual ship training
  • Underwater submersible simulators
  • Nuclear power plant simulators
  • Nuclear deterrent and security training
  • Investigation/debriefing simulators
  • Virtual marksmanship trainers
  • Virtual prototyping and marketing
  • Research and development
  • Live, virtual and constructive training
  • Emergency First Responder training
  • Biofidelic digital human avatars
  • Law enforcement training

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Industry Features

After Action Review

A powerful and easy-to-use After Action Review (AAR) feature set is included with Virtual Attain. It includes the ability to record and replay training exercises and export them in different formats. The ability to stop and rewind the scenario to any point in time allows in-depth scenario rehearsal and review and is one of the most sophisticated component features in the industry to establish benchmark metrics for effective learning. With After Action Review, you will not only learn what one learner experienced, you will have trend analysis from many students to help make improvements to your curriculum.


Great tools make great developers! Virtual Attain features many innovations to accelerate the development process and ensure development teams of all sizes are able to maximize productivity. Virtual Attain Sandbox gives developers full control over their production content in real time. It features efficiency tools to enable fast development of simulation and training applications.


Virtual Attain brings together the most technically advanced, integrated, and scalable animation and graphics technology to deliver astonishingly real characters.


The Virtual Attain rendering pipeline supports output on any kind of screen or projector, even at the highest resolutions. A remote rendering solution (multi-channel) is also implemented at the core of the rendering pipeline. This allows frame-synchronized display of any Virtual Attain 3D scene on multiple screens in real time. A flexible user interface allows for easy setup of the multi-channel solution in cave or dome environments.


With the LiveMocap system, Virtual Attain is capable of directly streaming real-time motion data from a wide range of motion capture and tracking systems. Many leading motion capture systems are integrated with Virtual Attain out of the box. The LiveMocap feature allows motions to be directly applied to virtual characters and objects in a real-time environment. Rapid integration of any vendor’s motion capture system is easy and straightforward with the Virtual Attain open architecture.


Benchmark-setting graphical performance, near-photorealism in indoor and wide-open outdoor environments, including undersea environments, and extraordinary real-time special effects are some of the hallmarks of Virtual Attain real-time rendering. We support the latest in head-mounted display systems incorporating the OS VR Open Standard to include Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE.


Virtual Attain excels at creating and simulating complex, interactive and immersive worlds, which supports the suspension of disbelief and aids in the transference of longer term retention.


Virtual Attain includes an integrated, multi-threaded, high performance physics engine that can support the most sophisticated simulation environments.


Being able to communicate to other simulators is important when building solutions. Virtual Attain provides a solid Distributive Interactive Simulation (DIS) integration which allows communication to other simulation systems.  Multiple PDUs are supported and integrated into the Virtual Attain codebase. This allows a quick and easy connection to other simulation platforms.

Stereo 3D

Virtual Attain supports full Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) at the click of a button.